In celebration of a century of Australian manufacturing, Cadbury has released its very own Dairy Milk Mint Chip block, inspired by the chocolate-makers at the iconic Cadbury Factory in Hobart.

“Our latest release is a tribute to our Tasmanian Cadbury chocolate-makers: a group of men and women who have played an incredibly important role in our success over the last 100 years,” says Vice President Paul Chatfield.

“You don’t celebrate a century very often, so we asked them – what special-edition Cadbury block should we make that is worthy of a centenary celebration? Mint Chip – the humble Aussie classic – proved the winner!”

Cadbury fans can find the new CABDURY DAIRY MILK CHOCOLATE MAKER’S BLOCK – a blend of smooth and creamy CADBURY DAIRY MILK milk chocolate, with candied mint pieces – in all leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide for $5.