Did you know that 10 per cent of Australians are vegan? Well, Lindt certainly does and they want everybody to be able to try their delicious chocolate!

As a result, Lindt has launched a new Classic Vegan range, made with oat powder and almond paste instead of cow’s milk *cue the lactose intolerant cheers*.

The new chocolate blocks come in two decadent and delicious flavours, Vegan Smooth and Vegan Hazelnut.

If you’re doubting the taste of anything ‘vegan’, think again.

“People love and adore the creaminess and velvety rich flavour of milk chocolate, and now vegans can enjoy that premium full sensory, creamy chocolate experience whilst not compromising on quality or taste with Lindt’s irresistibly delicious Classic Vegan range,” says Lindt Australia master chocolatier, Thomas Schnetzler.

Lindt Classic Vegan Chocolate Blocks are available now for $6 at all Lindt Chocolate Shops, cafes and online store, major independent grocers and Coles Supermarkets nationally.

Are you in the mood for vegan chocolate truffles? Try this recipe!


– 75ml Oat Milk
– 1tsp Glucose
– 200g Lindt Classic Vegan Smooth Chocolate
– 20g Almond Butter
– Pinch of sea salt

To finish the Truffles
– Chocolate shavings made from the Lindt Classic Vegan Smooth Chocolate
– Chopped pistachio nuts
– Chopped roasted hazelnuts
– Whole roasted hazelnuts
– Cocoa powder

1. Combine the oat milk and glucose in a saucepan and bring to just under boiling point.
2. Add the chocolate, almond butter and salt and using a stick blender, create a smooth and glossy ganache.
3. Cover with clingfilm and allow to sit at room temperature overnight.
4. To finish the Truffles, portion walnut sized Truffles with a spoon or a piping bag, roll into Truffles balls and then coat by rolling in nuts or cocoa powder.

Maitre Tip: For a great crunch, hide a whole roasted hazelnut in the centre of a Truffle and coat in chopped hazelnuts. The size of the Truffles are up to you but for an elegant bite size, a generous teaspoon is recommended.