Here we are again, lovers and haters of Valentine’s Day.

Although the world still feels particularly unromantic, there’s still some sweetness to be found, you just need to know where to look.

If you want to look like you’ve put way more effort in that just some limp servo flowers, listen up.

The Cheesecake Shop isn’t just your go-to for all your (emergency, possibly forgotten about) birthday cake needs, they’ve got VDay covered.

The Valentine’s Day Dessert Box has two cake pops, two strawberry cheesecake Brookie halves and two choc glaze Brookie halves, a cupcake iced with truffle chocolate and injected with Choc Glaze (hoo boy) and another cupcake iced with white chocolate truffle and injected with white choc glaze. Finished with strawberries and chocolate dipping sauce.

(FYI, a Brookie is half-brownie, half-cookie and all-divine)

This thing will set you back $39.99.

And if you’re single, buying this for yourself is not only encouraged, but also a clear act of selfcare.