A woman has spent over $63,000 on extreme body modifications, which includes a collection of body art, fang and breast implants, piercings in her nipple, tongue, nostrils and bridge of her nose, as well as having her eyeballs tattooed. 

Kierstyn Milligan has amassed over 704,000 followers on TikTok and earns a living on OnlyFans due to her unique look.

“I have had this vision in my head since I was young and have finally fulfilled it,” says the 22-year-old.

“The way I looked before compared to now, I feel so much happier.

“Before I had no self love or even understood who I was. Now I feel I understand myself the most and have the most self love and confidence.”



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Kierstyn has admitted that people aren’t afraid to call her a “demon” or assume she didn’t have a good upbringing, but there are others who admire her body art and want pictures with her.

The 22-year-old has no plans to stop modifying her body and plans to get the other side of her face tattooed in January.

“The only advice I can really give to anyone wanting to modify or tattoo themselves is: Do it out of love, do it out of the fact that it will make you happy,” she says.

“We should only do things that bring us joy. For me that’s what modifying myself does, so I want that for others if that’s what they chose – nothing but love and happiness.”


(Source: Daily Telegraph)