Save this one for summer time. The #prawnlife is about to get a boat-load easier!

Removing the infamous ‘vein’ from prawns has been an elusive task for the average Aussie since we started chucking them on our plate.

Thankfully, an eastern states foodie has given a surprise method which seems far simpler than the old ‘grab a knife and have a crack!’ mentality we’re used to…

The secret? A toothpick!

Check out how it’s done;

@adrianwidjy This makes cleaning prawns so much easier! And less risk with handling sharp objects using the usual way… #placesinsydney #kitchenhack #kitchenhacks #hacks #prawn #deveiningshrimp #devein #kitchen ♬ original sound – Places in Sydney Foodie


He first acquired a tooth pick and located the tail on the prawn.

Then, he stabbed the toothpick in the fleshy area between the tail and the last shell segment, slightly below the dark line.

After the toothpick pierced the correct spot, Adrian gently pulled upwards – successfully lifting the whole vein out.

How about it!? I’m definitely trying this for next time!