Vinyl sales have picked up over the passed couple years as 80’s nostalgia has taken over the zeitgeist. But vinyl sales had never overtaken CD sales until now!

According to figures released by the Entertainment Retailers Association overall music sales increased by three per cent in 2022 to almost $3.5 billion AUD, which is the highest figure since 2003 and nearly double it’s low point in 2013.

Vinyl album sales grew 11 per cent to $265.2 million AUD, while CD album sales, fell 17.4 per cent to 218.6 million AUD, the first time vinyl outsold CD by value since 1987.

This big bump can be contributed to the amount of popular artists releasing their newest projects on vinyl. Harry Styles’ Harry’s House, Taylor Swift’s Midnights and Artic Monkeys’ The Car are all albums that had phenomenal physical sales this year that contributed to vinyl’s takeover.

So will vinyl stay on top for years to come or are records just a fad?