Whether you’re staying home this Easter break or travelling interstate, here is the forecast.

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New South Wales

Sydney is expected to dry up for Good Friday after mid-week rainfall, with a potential morning shower. The weekend will be partly cloudy with temperatures reaching the mid-20s, peaking at 27 degrees on Monday. Heavy rain is forecasted in western NSW on Sunday, with uncertainty about the amount. Rain is anticipated to continue in the state’s south next week.


Melbourne’s temperatures are forecasted to be lower than initially predicted, with tops of 25 degrees on Friday and Saturday, dropping to 24 degrees on Sunday and 23 on Monday. Rain is expected to enter western Victoria on Monday, with falls of 20mm-30mm. Later in the week, a new cut-off low in the Tasman Sea is forecasted to bring heavier rainfall of 40mm-60mm.



Brisbane can expect wet conditions earlier in the week, clearing up on Monday, with temperatures around 27-28 degrees. Downpours exceeding 70mm are forecasted for parts of the state’s southeast due to a large cloud band.

Showers are expected in Adelaide on Sunday, with a top temperature of 31 degrees on Saturday. Heavy clouds and a slight chance of a shower are forecasted for Hobart on Easter Sunday, with a top of 21 degrees.

Perth’s weekend will be mostly sunny with temperatures reaching the high 20s, and Darwin may experience a possible storm on Good Friday, with rain expected on Sunday and Monday while maintaining temperatures above 30 degrees throughout the weekend.