Ambar, a British traveller exploring Australia, expressed frustration with the country’s café culture.

She lamented the early closure of cafés, typically around 2pm, which deprives her of enjoying a late afternoon coffee and treat, a cherished routine back home in London.

Her candid critique sparked a lively debate among locals, with some defending the early closure citing long work hours, “Because they open at 6am. Coffee culture is morning time.”

Others attributed it to Australia’s preference for early starts “When I moved here I felt like Aussies are on just an earlier clock in general like meeting up for dinner at 9pm was a shocking suggestion but now I can’t fathom eating that late”.

@ambardriscollThis is the most annoying thing about Australia so far

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Is it true that Aussies operate on an earlier schedule than other countries? Seize the morning, seize the day!