Australia has unveiled its Olympic uniforms for the upcoming Paris Games, featuring the most extensive use of Indigenous artwork to date.

Asics clothing is worn by athletes during the Australian 2024 Paris Olympic Games ASICS Uniform Launch at Yurong Point

Paul Fleming, an Indigenous Australian hailing from Wakka Wakka Wanyurr Majay, Yuggera Country, and an Olympic boxer in 2008, played a pivotal role in integrating Indigenous elements into the uniforms. Collaborating with Torres Strait Islander artist David Bosun, Fleming designed the prints to adorn the attire of Australia’s athletes and officials at the Paris Olympics, commencing in late July.

Each garment in the Olympic uniform prominently displays Australia’s green and gold colour scheme, incorporating Indigenous prints throughout.

Fleming’s artwork, titled “Walking Together,” holds a central place in the design, symbolizing the Olympics as a universal gathering ground.

Lydia Williams poses during the Australian 2024 Paris Olympic Games ASICS Uniform Launch at Yurong Point (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

“The centrepiece represents a meeting place because the Olympics brings together people of all colours, religions and backgrounds from all over the world who are all competing for the same goal,” Fleming said.


“Everyone essentially becomes ‘one’ — we’re all athletes and it doesn’t matter where you come from.”

Australia’s chef de mission, Anna Meares, hailed the uniforms as “world-class,” expressing confidence that they would showcase Australia’s Indigenous heritage to a global audience.

“This is the first time the Australian Olympic team will have an Indigenous design across its competition and delegation,” Meares said at the launch in Sydney on Thursday.

“It’s a really impressive milestone … (it) has been a great process and one that has brought great collaboration and a uniform that everyone is proud of.”

Additionally, the apparel includes a Japonism Yagasuri, an arrow pattern symbolizing strength, resilience, and determination, paying homage to the Japanese roots of ASICS, the uniform provider.