For most of us, Kmart is a reliable go to for affordable kitchenware, so it might have come as no surprise to some when TikToker @lunamoor_ clued us in on yet another Kmart bargain.

Since the discovery, shoppers have been rushing to their local Kmart to grab an almost identical version of the popular Le Creuset pot, valued at roughly $450, for just $30!

The Kmart casserole cast iron pot comes in a variety of on brand colours, however, is said to be a bit on the small side, only currently available in 4 litre capacity – but don’t let that put you off, even if you had to buy 1 pot for each member of the family, you’d still be saving some serious cash!

@lunamoor_ It’s going straight into storage I move out tho😭😔💖 #kmart #kmartfinds #kmartaustralia #pink ♬ Capitalism popped off today – Poot

All colours currently available online and in store!

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