Not only is Keith Urban an award winning musician, but he truly does have a heart of gold.

On Monday morning, the four-time Grammy and ARIA Award winner surprised a group of fans at Urbenville Public School in northern NSW in an unexpected Zoom call.

For over six minutes, Urban spoke about his music and performing before surprising the small school with five locally purchased guitars for its music program, as well as gifting all 16 music students one to take home.

“This is where it all begins,” the musician told the students.

“Wanting to play an instrument, wanting to sing and play for other people… thank you, thank you to the school and to the students for having such a passion for music.”

Earlier this year, video coverage showing Urbenville Public School students performing outside their local aged care home went viral. This coverage also included an invitation for Urban to visit the school for their holiday concert, but unfortunately, due to filming commitments in Sydney, Urban had to surprise the students virtually.