Paramount Pictures has unveiled the release date for the highly anticipated ‘Naked Gun’ reboot, starring Liam Neeson, slated to hit theatres on July 18, 2025!

Neeson will step into the iconic role of police detective Frank Drebin, originally portrayed by Leslie Nielsen. Before playing Lt. Drebin, Nielsen had been largely a dramatic actor. “It’s been dawning on me slowly that for the past 35 years, I have been cast against type,” Nielsen once said, “and I’m finally getting to do what I really wanted to do.”

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The project, initially revealed in 2022, will be helmed and executive produced by Akiva Schaffer, known for ‘Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping,’ with production led by Seth MacFarlane (‘Family Guy’) and Erica Huggins.

Drawing inspiration from both the classic ‘Naked Gun’ films and the television series ‘Police Squad!,’ the new movie promises a fresh take on the beloved comedic franchise.