The iconic door from Titanic, famously associated with Kate Winslet’s character clinging to it at the end of the film, has fetched a remarkable price of $718,750 at the recent Heritage Auctions’ Treasures from Planet Hollywood event. Surpassing other notable film memorabilia, this sale marked the highest-priced item at the auction.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in ‘Titanic’. PHOTO: PARAMOUNT

Interestingly, the auction also featured other Titanic memorabilia, including the pale purple and pink chiffon dress worn by Kate Winslet as Rose during the sinking scenes. However, the dress sold for a significantly lower price of $125,000, perhaps due to its lesser controversy compared to the doorframe.

Debates among Titanic fans have long revolved around whether Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, could have fit on the door alongside Rose, sparking discussions about his character’s fate at the end of the movie. Director James Cameron has defended his decision to have Jack sacrifice himself, aligning it with the character’s development.

Additionally, notable items from other films were auctioned, such as Harrison Ford’s bullwhip from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which secured the second-highest sale at $525,000. Despite the iconic status of items like Jack Nicholson’s ax from The Shining, they fetched comparatively lower prices, with the Titanic dress being another example, underscoring the unique allure of certain film memorabilia.