Move over Netflix, the only subscription I’ll need to get me through winter is here and it involves beer (ya know, nectar of the gods).

Beer Hug‘ is the mind-child of three Aussie lads who, like all of us, love a good craft beer. They wanted an easy way of bringing all the best craft breweries Australia has to offer right into peoples homes and my god they’ve done it.

The ‘Australian Brewery Tour’ is a subscription that, every month, brings you a box packed with delicious craft beer from a different featured brewery. This month’s brewery of choice is Victorian makers-of-delicious ‘Moon Dog’. With over 800 craft breweries around the country and more popping up every year this is, without a doubt, the easiest way to sample Australia’s best (think of all the fuel you’ll save too!).

If subscriptions aren’t your thing you can always check out their selection of one-off boxes, merchandise and more.

For all the details head to their website HERE. Catch ya on the tour!