The Factory – Garden of Unearthly Delights
7pm nightly

Whether you’re a magic fan or you’re a skeptic, this is simply a magic show you MUST go and see. The friend I took with me was really neither, but walked out of Ben’s show a raving fanatic.

The British Boy puts on a brilliant show with the right balance of fun, funny and class. He takes his craft seriously, but not too seriously – this is still a very entertaining show.

From his point of view, he must be looking at a crowd full of head-scratchers, mouth-droppers, and head-tilters. I know I was doing all of those when Ben executed some of the most impressive magic I’ve seen, ever. I’m very town between wanting to know how TF he does it, and also realising that will completely ruin the ‘magic’.

With a healthy dose of audience participation, close-up camera work, the finest sleight of hand you’ll ever witness, Ben will delight, thrill, shock and inspire.

Plus, there’s a part in his show that he said was unplanned, that very genuinely felt unplanned, but leaves me desperate to know if he does it in all the shows. It involved permanent removal of some hair – I am itching to know how he does this every night. Can you please go and see this show so we can discuss?

4.8 stars