The Spiegeltent – The Garden of Unearthly Delights
8:30 nightly

This is one Party you wouldn’t want to miss.

Full transparency, I’d heard VERY mixed reports about The Party but was still extremely eager to check it out based on it being a headline show in the Garden, as well as it being from the company who brought us wildly successful shows like Limbo, Limbo Unhinged and Blanc de Blanc.

Make no mistake, this this is an adults-only show and even then, it’s for adults who can handle some nudity, loud noises, sexual innuendo etc.

This two-hour extravaganza churns through some epic party beats, seriously solid dance and acrobatics and an epic dose of laugh-inducing mayhem – featuring some good ol’ crowd interaction.

You’ll love the immensely impressive talent from this worldwide team of performers as they nail death-defying choreography in, on and around the purpose-built stage structure – which provides plenty of opportunities for this cast to show off their strength and skill.

There’s been times in even a 60 minute Fringe show I’ve eagerly anticipated the ending to get out of there and hit the Donut Diner, but this show left me wanting MORE!


If the soundtrack, the talent, the energy or even the nudity doesn’t impress you, I honestly don’t know what will.

Hot tip: take the most fun friends you have, knock back a responsible drink or two before the show and you’ll be feeling The Party vibes for the entire two hour visual feast. I loved it so much I’d happily go again.

4.69 stars