Vision has been released of a Maroons fan ripping a television off the wall of a Sydney pub before throwing it in a dumpster after the NSW Blues won last night’s State of Origin.

The incident, which happened at Sydney’s East Hills Hotel, has already amassed close to 70,000 views on Instagram.

But, remember – when things seem too ‘good’ to be true, chances are, they are.

NSW Police told Daily Mail Australia that it was a staged incident and no property was damaged.

“It appears that this was an organised stunt by the man depicted throwing the TV – he brought his own TV in for the video. No offences committed, no complaint made by the hotel,” a NSW Police spokeswoman told the publication.


This is not the first State of Origin-related video the man has posted.

In another video, the man is seen yelling ‘Queenslander’ in the middle of a Sydney street before he is tackled to the ground by a man in a NSW Blues jersey, causing him to spill coffee everywhere.