Over a month ago Stan dropped the trailer for Bad Behaviour and it took the internet by storm.

The full trailer, which you can view below, sets the scene for a massive four part mini series that is sure to wow viewers from beginning to end.

Bad Behaviour is a “visceral ride” into the epicentre of teenagehood where the question is ‘to bully or be bullied’ in the unrelenting struggle for acceptance.

The story follows Jo Mackenzie (Jana McKinnon), who at the age of 25 bumps into her old friend Alice Kang (Yerin Ha). Memories of the brutal year they spent together at Silver Creek, a wilderness campus of an exclusive girls’ boarding school, come flooding back.

The series plays out between past and present timelines as Jo analyses her childhood and finds out “no one escapes unscathed – and often, we are scarred for life.”

Led by an all-female creative team, the mini series is written by Pip Karmel (Total Control, New Gold Mountain) and Magda Wozniak (The Messenger, While The Men Are Away), produced by Amanda Higgs (The Secret Life of Us, Barracuda), and directed by Corrie Chen (New Gold Mountain, Homecoming Queens).

The full series will be released on the 17th February only on Stan.